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The Final 3x3: 11th June

Dr Lucie Moore

11 Jun, 2020


The 3x3 is a chance for us to ask Christian youth workers in the UK about their experiences during lockdown. If that’s you, step right up.


Welcome to week 12 of lockdown and the final week of the 3x3!

Three months feels like a good amount of time to have run this weekly survey, so we’re going to call it a day here. It’s not because the next weeks and months are less significant, or because our curiosity has dwindled. We’ve got some other research we need to focus on, other surveys we are going to be asking you to be involved in and we don’t want to wear you out with all our questions. Thank you for engaging with these micro-surveys. It’s been really helpful to highlight some of the experiences and perspectives of the Christian youth work tribe, and we hope you’ve found it interesting.

But that’s enough of that. Over to the questions. In our final week we are asking about how you feel as a youth worker in week 12, your youth work highlights, and what messages you would share with the wider church, as we look to the future.

As ever, this micro-survey is anonymous and the answers will be used to write a final short report, which you can read on our blog next Monday. You can see previous survey results, with analysis, at the bottom of this page or at the Research News hub.

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