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Youth work diagrams - behind the scenes


Wow, you clicked through. Well, since you're here, this is how the conversation with ChatGPT went. It's all about the prompts.


"Hey AI..suggest four responses that British Christian youth workers might have to the idea of getting an AI to plan their youth work sessions"


  1. Skepticism: Some British Christian youth workers may be skeptical about using AI to plan their youth work sessions. They may be concerned that an AI cannot replicate the human intuition and creativity required to tailor sessions to the specific needs and interests of their youth group.
  2. Open-mindedness: Others may be more open-minded and curious about the potential benefits of using AI. They may see it as an opportunity to streamline the planning process and increase efficiency, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of their role.
  3. Concern about losing personal touch: Some youth workers may worry that relying too heavily on AI could lead to a loss of personal touch in their work with young people. They may fear that using AI to plan sessions could make their work feel more impersonal or robotic.
  4. Excitement about innovation: Finally, some youth workers may be excited about the opportunity to embrace new technology and innovative approaches to youth work. They may see AI as a way to enhance their existing skills and create new opportunities to engage and connect with young people.

"Make these shorter, and written as quotes from imagined Christian youth workers"


  1. "I'm not sure AI can replicate the creativity and intuition needed for effective youth work planning."
  2. "I'm open-minded about using AI if it can streamline planning and free up more time for other tasks."
  3. "I worry that relying too much on AI could make our work with young people feel more impersonal."
  4. "I'm excited about the opportunity to embrace new technology and innovative approaches to youth work with AI."

"Make these funnier"


  1. "AI planning? That's like letting a robot choose my outfit. It may work in theory, but the reality is probably going to be a disaster."
  2. "If I use AI to plan youth work sessions, does that mean I can blame the computer when things go wrong?"
  3. "I'm not sure I want to take advice from a machine that thinks 'lol' is an appropriate response to everything."
  4. "Maybe we should just let the AI run the whole youth group. That way, when the robot uprising comes, we'll be in good standing."

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