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Thrive Therapeutic Groups Consent Form


Before your child can take part in any of our 'Thrive' targeted programmes, you'll need to sign this consent form.


Parents and Carers, please complete this form to give permission for your child to take part in one of either the ‘Thrive’ Therapeutic Groups or the ‘Created’ Arts and Wellbeing Programme that Youthscape is running in their school. Specific details about the content of the group/programme and the times and dates it will be taking place are outlined in the letter you will have received from us.

You must complete this form in full before the group/programme begins, otherwise we will not be able to work with your child.

If you have any questions or concerns about the ‘Thrive’ programme or your child’s involvement, please do get in touch with our Engagement Manager Gemma Milligan either by phone on 01582 748953 or via email at gemma.milligan@youthscape.co.uk.


Young person's details

Parent/carer's details

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