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Thrive Podcast


For your child to take part in the 'Thrive Podcast', you'll need to give your permission through this online form.


Parents and Carers, please complete this form to give permission for your child to take part in Youthscape’s ‘Thrive Podcast’. Your child will ‘call-in’ via phone to the podcast recording session, in a way similar to that of a radio show. The conversation will then be recorded and inserted into the podcast episode.

You must complete this form in full to allow your child to participate.

If you have any questions or concerns about the ‘Thrive Podcast’ or your child’s involvement, please do get in touch with our Engagement Manager Gemma Milligan either by phone on 01582 748953 or via email at gemma.milligan@youthscape.co.uk.


Young person's details

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