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Youthscape is a national young people’s charity with twenty-five year’s experience of working with young people in education and in the community. Building on that experience we train more than 2,000 teachers, schools staff, social workers and other professionals every year - equipping you to support young people’s mental health, social and emotional needs.


Bespoke length sessions available to suit the needs of your organisation (incl twilight sessions)


All courses offered UK wide by a team of highly experienced professionals


Sessions and resources developed directly from our work with young people


Insightful, practical knowledgable- everything you need to develop your own work


Delivered at our new centre in Bedfordshire, at locations across the UK or in-house at your location

Self-Harm Essential Knowledge

As many as a fifth (22%) of teenage girls self-harm, whilst rates in boys are 9%. As a professional, it’s increasingly likely that at some point you will be faced with a self-harm disclosure - but how would you respond? This course will give you the confidence and knowledge to offer the right support.

"I went back and spent a good few hours talking to our safeguarding and mental health leads yesterday describing how brilliant the training was and wrote two pages of notes in additional to all the resources you kindly shared with us!"

Mr S Hesling

Head of Year 8, Chancellor's School

Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience

Doctors and psychologists describe this generation young people as the most physically safe, but emotionally fragile generation in history. Anxiety, self-harm and depression are all on the rise. How can we help young people develop the resilience to navigate the challenges of adolescence? This course will give you an overview of the mental health issues facing young people and the practical strategies to develop healthy wellbeing and resilience skills.

"Fantastic training, very well-presented. Extremely friendly and approachable trainer. Their knowledge was excellent."

Sarah Hopkin

Self-Harm Equipping & Supporting Workshop

Our 5-hour Self-harm Equipping and Supporting Workshop is ideal for those who want to a foundational understanding of self-harm along with developing the practical skills to run a support session with a young person, and develop a self-harm policy for their organisation.

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