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Created is a five-week course that exists to help young people explore their mental health and wellbeing through art and creativity.


Dear parents and carers,

Your child has shown interest in attending Youthscape’s ‘Created’ course. This will take place over five Mondays evenings between 21st February and 21st March 2022. You will have received further information in your parent pack.

Through taking part in ‘Created’ young people will be encouraged to reflect upon their emotions and will learn different strategies for managing them in a healthy way. The young people will produce a different piece of artwork each week and will take part in discussion and other group activities which will improve emotional intelligence. At the end of the course the young people’s artwork will be displayed as part of an exhibition which parents and carers will be invited to attend. This will be on 28th March from 5.00pm-6.00pm at Youthscape.

During each ‘Created’ session the young people will explore different topics that develop a range of skills. These are: Identifying Emotions, Reflecting upon Emotions, Building Healthy Habits, Brain/Body Connection and Managing an Anxiety Response.

Due to current Covid-19 government guidelines for youth work all staff and young people will also be required to adhere to certain restrictions throughout the ‘Created’ programme. These are:

  • All staff and young people will need to take a lateral flow test the day before they are due to attend ‘Created’ each week, and if it is positive are to remain at home and take a PCR test
  • All staff and young people will need to follow social distancing guidelines
  • All staff and young people will need to follow thorough hygiene procedures

Face coverings are no longer required, however if your child would like to wear one throughout the programme they may do so.
In order for your child to take part in this course we need you to complete the below consent form. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Gemma Milligan at gemma.milligan@youthscape.co.uk.”

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