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Created is a new online project designed to help young people in Luton use art & creativity to reflect on their emotions and experiences during lockdown.


Being stuck at home over the last three months hasn’t been fun for anyone – stress, anxiety and boredom can all begin to set in. If, like almost everyone else, you’ve found lockdown tough, we would love to invite you to take part in our brand-new project called ‘Created’. It consists of five art activities that will teach you fine art techniques used by professionals, and help you reflect on your emotions and experiences during lockdown.

Yes, it’s an art-based project, but it is for EVERYONE, no matter how wonderful (or terrible!) you are with a paintbrush! We thought it would be easier to tell you about it in a video, so take a look below… (but all the info you need is below too!)



WHO? Any young person in year 9-11 who lives in Luton.

WHEN? The project takes place over the course of one week, starting on Monday 13th July.

WHERE? Online! It’s easy, you just need a table that you can work on at home, and a laptop or phone that you can use for Zoom and to watch the Youtube videos.

RESOURCES? Before the project begins, you will receive a parcel with all the equipment you will need, delivered directly to your door!


What you'll need to do

  • Every day we will upload a tutorial video to Youtube at 10am, this video will introduce the theme of the day and talk you though the art activity
  • You then have six hours to complete the activity (you can take as long as you want for each activity, but you only need roughly an hour for each activity)
  • At 4pm every afternoon, we will then all meet up on Zoom for a chat about how we felt the activity went, and to discuss the theme of the day!

TEXT REMINDERS: We would love to send you messages each day to keep you motivated and to stay in touch, if you want to receive these messages make sure to tick the box on the consent form below.

YOUR THOUGHTS: You will be one of the first people to take part in this new programme, so we would love to know what you think thought! Each day after the zoom call there will be a brief 5-minute survey that we would love you to take! Your thoughts and feedback can help us make this project even better in the future!

Sign me up

The sign-ups for the first run of Created are now closed, but we will run the project again in September!

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